FireKiller Technologies Inc. has designed, manufactured,
and marketed the the flo2STOP™, which is the first and only device of its kind.
About FireKiller Technologies

About FireKiller Technologies

FireKiller Technologies executives have over 22 years of experience in residential and commercial fire restoration. Our first-hand involvement with the demolition and reconstruction of fire damaged property has given us a unique perspective ... and after years of assessing and repairing fire damage, it is clear to us that smoke, carbon monoxide (CO) and other toxic gasses are circulated throughout buildings by the HVAC system.

The air turbulence of running the HVAC system inadvertently supplies oxygen to the fire. In addition, the circulation of deadly deadly environmentally conditions is forced through the duct work into all areas of the house. As a result, in many cases the damage was greater than necessary.

Why do we allow the HVAC system to run when there is a fire?

Our solution to the question is flo2STOP™...a patented system for suppressing the spread of fire and various deadly contaminants during a fire or deadly environmental condition.

From the beginning we have been focused on:

Changing fire growth
Helping people in the first minutes of a fire
Delaying the spread of the fire or CO conditions to provide crucial time to first responders
Minimizing damage from a fire

This is the foundation of FireKiller Technologies.

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