When minutes count, count on flo2STOP™.
Get the flo2Stop Data Sheet (PDF)flo2STOP Certifications (PDF)Smoke and Toxic Gases Kill More People Than Flames DoA civilian injury was reported every 29 minutes in 2005. (PDF)Every home contains materials that, when burned, produce toxic gases.

Product Details

The first intelligent devices designed for residential use
involving air control and various detectors of hazardous environmental conditions.

flo2STOP™ Fire Suppression and Courtesy Call Devices
The expanding flo2STOP™ family of products helps your house protect itself by bridging the communications between the alarms and controls.

Many deadly fires occur in the heating seasons when the HVAC system may be blowing to heat the house.

In the cooling seasons, the HVAC system runs in a futile effort to cool the house during a fire.

Why is it important to install a flo2STOP™ device?
It enables you to react within minutes of an actived alarm.
Ventilation is a proven growth factor in fire. flo2STOP™ prevents the HVAC system from blowing air on a fire. The activated flo2STOP™ device also prevents the circulation of smoke and deadly contaminants throughout the building. flo2STOP™ shuts down the ventilation system.

flo2STOP™ turns off the HVAC system to help reduce the damage of a fire.

Reacts to an activated smoke or CO alarm
Disengages the HVAC system
Reduces airflow to a fire
Stops circulating smoke and contaminants
Slows the spread of fire
Easy to install and use
Reset with just the touch of a button

No activation or monthly fees
Compact design
Residential use
Multi-Family use
Low voltage
Patented technology (#7696891B2, #7102529)
FCC Certified
UL Listed

Wiring Required:

Thermostat wire Fire alarm wire (Not Needed for Wireless connection) CAT5 or Telephone wire (Not needed for WiFi connection)
Household fire warning system control units are intended to be installed in accordance with the National Fire Alarm Code, ANSI/NFPA 72, and the National Electric Code, ANSI/NFPA 70.
Ideal Uses Include:
Any location that has a Residential HVAC system.
Primary residence
Vacation home
Light commercial
Student housing
Storage facilities
Communication stations

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