flo2STOP™ includes a courtesy call option
automatically dial up to three telephone numbers
in the event of an activated alarm.
Most fires occur in the home when people are asleep.Ventilation is a proven growth factor in fire.Smoke and Toxic Gases Kill More People Than Flames Do

Frequently Asked Questions

What is flo2STOP?™
flo2STOP™ (Stop the flow of air) is the trade name for the patented, first of its kind, Fire Suppression and Notification device marketed by FireKiller Technologies, Inc.
What does flo2STOP™ do?
In the event of an environmental condition detector (smoke, carbon monoxide, etc.) being activated flo2STOP™ will turn off your Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system. At the same time flo2STOP™ has an additional feature that will automatically telephone out to notify you, neighbors, etc. of the emergency.
Why is it important to install a flo2STOP™ device?
Ventilation is a proven growth factor in fire. flo2STOP™ prevents the HVAC system from blowing air (ventilating oxygen) on a fire. The activated flo2STOP™ device also prevents the circulation of smoke and deadly contaminants throughout the building. flo2STOP™ shuts down the ventilation system.
Where do I install a flo2STOP™ device?
Because the device affects the air flow/ventilation, we suggest installation next to the HVAC thermostat in clear view in case of an emergency.
What if I accidentally set off my smoke/CO detector and the Flo2Stop device turns off my HVAC?
We have designed the flo2STOP™ device with a clearly marked LED Reset button on the front cover. Simply press the reset button to turn the ventilation system back on.
I have a home security system.
flo2STOP™ can easily be incorporated with most home security systems. This allows flo2STOP™ to supplement your security system.
How does the telephone communication feature work?
flo2Stop™ includes a courtesy call option that will dial up to three telephone numbers automatically in the event of an activated environmental condition detector (smoke, carbon monoxide, etc.). flo2STOP™ is connected to your telephone line.
How does the network communication feature work?
flo2Stop™ includes a network communication (CAT5 or WiFi) that sends a message automatically in the event of an activated environmental condition detector (smoke, carbon monoxide, etc.).
What telephone numbers should I program into the flo2STOP™ device?
Depending on your situation options would include:

Property manager
Your cell phone

Your work number
Front desk

Where do I buy the flo2STOP™?
Currently we are distributing to security systems installers, HVAC contractors, and structured
wiring companies for use in new construction units. Builders are demanding the added safety and security of fire notification. 
What locations should have a flo2STOP device?
Current and potential uses include:

Vacation home
Light commercial
Assisted living centers

Rural homes
Governmental housing
Manufactured housing
Storage facilities

Any location that has a residential HVAC system, environmental condition detector (smoke, carbon monoxide, etc.), and communication interface. 
Who is FireKiller Technologies, Inc.?
FireKiller™ is the design, manufacturing and marketing company that owns the patent and all rights related to flo2STOP™.  
I have more than one HVAC system in my house.
Each HVAC system (thermostat) will need a flo2STOP™ device.  
Are there any monthly service fees?
No, the flo2STOP™ device is purchased and there are no additional costs.  
Is the flo2STOP™ Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certified?
Yes, flo2STOP™ has undergone extensive testing and conforms to UL standard 985 and UL standard 94.
It also conforms to FCC standard Part 68, and FCC standard Part 15 Subpart B. 
More details can be found in our Certifications PDF 
How big is the flo2STOP™ device?
The package is slightly larger than a deck of cards.  
What is the electrical requirement?
flo2STOP™ is a low voltage ( 24VAC, 100mA, 60Hz) device that is attached to the thermostat. 

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