The patented flo2STOP™
is the first and only
device of its kind.
Why is it important to install a flo2STOP device?
Prevent the HVAC system from ventilating a fire and circulating toxic environmental gases to other parts of your house.
flo2STOP™ reacts to
an activated alarm
Reduces airflow to a fire
Stops cirdulating smoke
and contaminants
Slows the spread of fire

flo2STOP™ is easy to install and use
Reset with just the touch
of a button
Compact design
Low voltage
Communicate via Phone or Network

flo2STOP™ disengages the HVAC system in the event of a fire.

Every home contains materials that, when burned,
produce toxic gases.
click to see some examples

• Patented technology  • FCC Certified  • UL Listed

"flo2STOP™ is a "must have" for any location that has a residential HVAC system."

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